Salve - Trainings and communication campaigns

Salve implements trainings and communication campaigns for companies, organizations and people.


Skills for working in a team

  • A team and a group
  • Team communication
  • How to build and manage a team
  • How does a team work? How to build a partnership?
  • Team problem solving
  • Team motivation and development
  • Games and case studies

Sales training

  • Understanding the selling process
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Talking the customer’s language
  • Avoiding common sales mistakes
  • Searching and finding new customers
  • Loyal clients’ programmes
  • Business etiquette

Change, time and stress management

  • Formulating goals
  • Tools to plan our time and work – how to make to-do lists
  • Delegating responsibilities to others
  • How to say "No"
  • Dealing with difficult tasks
  • Maximizing the available time
  • Use of technology in time management
  • Managing stress by effectively managing of time


  • Getting to know each other in a non-traditional way
  • Team and company values
  • Team goal setting and motivation
  • How to create a positive working environment
  • Techniques to make a conversation
  • Rules to carry on a dispute
  • Making team decisions
  • Problem solving
  • Games for the mind and emotions, case studies

Interactive methods in organizational work

  • Brainstorming
  • Lectures. Talks.
  • Working in a group
  • Reflection
  • Role plays
  • Co-operative learning
  • Asking questions
  • Disputes
  • Case studies

Creation of positive environment for working and studying

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Developing employees’ potential
  • Creating an environment for taking risks and making mistakes
  • Building self-confidence
  • Team working skills
  • Role plays and case studies

Modern Creative Thinking

  • 10 instruments for modern cerative thinking
  • Brain storming
  • Team work
  • Plus, Minus, Interesting
  • Consider All Factors
  • Consequence and Sequel
  • Other People's Views
  • First Important Priorities
  • Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices
  • Similarity and Differences
  • Apparent Information – Hidden Information
  • Random word
  • Fact and Opinion

Creative Thinking of the Team

  • Six Thinking Hats – a synthesized approach to thinking
  • Brain storming
  • Team work
  • White hat
  • Red hat
  • Black hat
  • Yellow hat
  • Green hat
  • Blue hat
  • Order of using hats
  • Reflection

Communication skills

  • Non-verbal communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Listening skills
  • Skills for exerting influence
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication channels
  • Telephone and e-mail communication
  • Written business communication
  • How to ask questions

Presentation skills

  • What do good presentations need
  • Audience analysis
  • How to overcome the stage-fright
  • How to organize the space
  • Appearance and behavior
  • Eight ways to capture the audience from the beginning
  • Eight tips to keep the audience’s attention
  • Eight approaches to deal with questions and answers
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • How to prepare and present a power point presentation
  • Effective use of visuals and handouts

Dealing with social networks, telephone and e-mail skills

  • Dealing with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social networks
  • How to make a good first impression
  • Key phrases
  • Using the right tone of voice
  • Tips for good telephone etiquette
  • Forbidden phrases to avoid
  • Sending effective messages
  • Form and tone of the messages
  • How to answer and forward an e-mail
  • Writing simple and short messages
  • Using expressions that create impressions

Project preparation and management

  • Creative team thinking techniques
  • Introduction to the project
  • Formulating goals
  • Target audience
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategy and approach
  • Tactics and activities
  • Timing
  • Budget
  • Management

Creative thinking in life and in business

  • Making decisions that lead to successful results
  • How to get ideas
  • How to develop creative team thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Instruments for creative approach to work and life
  • Stimulating the creative imagination

The Director - Manager or Leader

  • Modern leader’s challenges
  • Who is the effective leader?
  • How to gain leadership skills
  • How to create leader’s vision
  • How to motivate the people we need
  • How to look after ourselves
  • Instruments for management and motivation
  • Case studies and use of tests
  • Business etiquette

Business etiquette

  • The importance of the first impression
  • Grooming, wardrobe, body language
  • Voice and speech
  • Etiquette at meetings
  • Telephone etiquette, e-mail culture
  • Written business communication

Writing skills

  • Understanding the audience
  • Clarifying the purpose of writing
  • How to structure our ideas
  • How to find the exact words, length and content of our sentences
  • How to write effective texts - letters, e-mails, faxes, memos, CVs
  • How to improve the outlook of our written presentations – formatting and spelling
  • Writing techniques and visuals for impact

Personal development trainings

  • How to overcome the stress and enjoy life
  • School for parents
  • PR and advertising. How to work with media
  • Communication course “Only for Women!”
  • Speaking techniques. Writing techniques

Training organization

  • Salve conducts the trainings under its own methodology.
  • Salve develops its training modules according to the individual specifics of a company, an organization or a group.
  • Salve works with experienced trainers with practice in Sofia, Plovdiv, Assenovgrad, Pazardjik, and Rakovski.
  • The optimal number of group members is 12.
  • Salve provides all handouts for each training.

communication campaigns

Development and implementation of PR strategies

  • Corporate and institutional PR – corporate communications, positioning and management of company’s image
  • Product PR – positioning and presenting of new or known products and services
  • Personal PR – image making, social appearance couching, consulting

Creative concepts of advertising campaigns

  • Company, product, service positioning
  • Corporate identity, slogans
  • Advertising texts, web-site content, brochures writing
  • Communication channels
  • Media planning and co-ordination

Event management

  • Creative concept and scenario
  • Еvent management and logistics
  • Design and decoration
  • Speakers, performers, technical equipment

Media relations

  • Media data-base
  • Media analysis
  • Preparing texts for media
  • Media relations
  • Media events management
  • Implementation of media partnership

Digital PR

  • Social media content and management
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instragram
  • Pinterest
  • Tripadvisor
  • Others

Social media management

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • You tube
  • Instragram
  • and others

Preparation for presentations and interviews, media trainings

  • Media and audience research
  • Preparation of statements, possible questions and answers list
  • Presentation skills training

Media monitoring, media analysis

  • Press clipping preparation
  • Media coverage analysis
  • Working with specialized international monitoring agencies

Written texts preparation

  • Texts for media
  • Corporate letters and texts
  • Scenarios and statements
  • Translations

Crisis communications

  • Situation analysis
  • Problems definition
  • Possible resolutions
  • Media monitoring
  • Working in time of crises

Internal communications

  • Communications within the organization
  • Internal corporate events management
  • Change management
  • Communication with new, current and leaving employees
  • Communication with partners

Implementation of social campaigns, sponsorship and partnership programmes

  • Creative concept and developing of social campaigns
  • Financial sources research
  • Working with government and non-government organizations, social communities, partners